Breaking into the shoe industry in 1940 with the Yemeni, a traditional flat heeled shoe, Grandfather Mustafa Emmioğlu has continuously advanced in his career with his hardworking personality and successful achievements. In 1950 he established a company named ‘Aslanlı Plastik’ and continued to expand his work by bringing his sons, Doğan Emmioğlu and Cahit Emmioğlu, into the business in 1967.

Bringing a new excitement to the market with Doğan Plastik Industry and Trade General Partnership Co. Ltd in 1971, father and sons succeeded in becoming the pioneers of the sector. After their father Mustafa Emmioğlu passed away in 1977, Cahit Emmioğlu voluntarily resigned from his position and Doğan Emmioğlu took over the company.

With the progress he made the boot sector with DOĞAN PLASTİK, DOĞAN EMMİOĞLU decided to expand into production of PVC slippers and began to invest in another branch of the sector by establishing a new company named DOĞUŞ PLASTİK. Upon the termination of the PVC Slipper sector, he became one of the few people in Gaziantep to install the first POLYURETHANE machine taking big risks.

This success continued, with Doğan Plastik becoming the highest tax paying company in Gaziantep from 1996-1998. After Doğan Emmioğlu passed away on 14 December 2007, the responsibility of the business was passed on to his son Doğan Emmioğlu who was named after his father…


To produce universal quality service in the country and abroad with our entrepreneurial spirit, contribute directly to the economy of the country and create new employment opportunities.


To become a strong corporation and establishment in the new world order that will influence the sectors in years ahead and to represent Turkey in a much more stronger way.


Respond with quality and stability to the expectations of our customers, Work continuously and tirelessly to become always the best, Act with keeping in mind that the biggest capital is human resource, give priority to the investments that will ensure service sustainability, be honest and work in order to contribute to the Turkish Economy.